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Oil Cleaner - Engine and Concrete Chemical Solution for Superior Cleaning

Oil Remover

We have designed specialized non-hazardous cleaners to remove various lubricating & metal working oils. ECOZEST Oil cleaners are very effective in removal of heavy deposits of gear oils, neat oils, engine oils, honing oil, cutting oil, anti-rust oils, process oils & many other metal working fluids. Our oil cleaners are free from corrosive chemicals & free from caustic so does not create rusting. ECOZEST our oil cleaners are free from chlorine & sulphur so they are harmful to user’s health.

Oil Remover

Key Benefits :

• Non-hazardous formula
• Easily removes all types of oils in single stage
• No heating required
• Free from Chlorine, from heavy alkalis
• Does not cause rusting of the parts & surface

Available Variants :
We have specialized variants of oils cleaners depend upon the oils to be removed & drying times.

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer customized product

Packing : 50 Liter, 210 Liter HDPE Drum